Drafting, review and negotiation of commercial agreements (including in regulated fields) such as supply, services, distribution, franchise, license, joint venture and IT agreements as well as contracts in the banking sector. 

Form, organize and restructure companies, capital increases, capital reductions, corporate administration and governance, draft of shareholders’ agreements.

Create start-up structures and assist in various financing rounds, venture capital investments and private equity deals, including LBOs, MBOs and exit deals.

Assist in all domestic and international transactions (in particular acquisitions and sales of participations and strategic assets of the company as well as mergers & acquisitions, demergers and restructurings), structure the transaction, legal and tax due diligence, draft and negotiate transaction documents, secure regulatory consents and clearances.

Assist in setting-up contingency plans and restructuring measures, liquidations, composition, recognition of foreign insolvency procedures, enforcement procedures to safeguard the rights of creditors.

Advice on domestic and cross-border financing transactions, drafting and negotiation of financing agreements and the security documentation, issuance of legal opinions.

Advice on employment and labour law, hiring of services, immigration, social security, drafting of employment agreements and incentive schemes for executives and employees.

Assist wealthy families in the framework of global legal services, tax and estate planning, establishing trust companies and family offices.

Assistance and tax advice for Swiss resident individuals, in particular related to investments products (financial products, derivative instruments, etc.), incentive and pension schemes, estate planning and more broadly for any operation of assets transfer, arrival in Switzerland and other special tax regimes applicable to certain taxpayers.

Assistance and tax advice for any type of corporations, in particular for the establishment of new Swiss entities, setting up holding structures (or operational entities) efficient and compliant with the requirement of Swiss and international tax rules, including advises on financing of corporate entities.

Assistance and tax advice related to asset restructurings, in particular merger, demerger, acquisitions of Swiss and/or foreign entities and other kind of transformations or financial restructuring.

Assistance and tax advice related to any operation regarding the transfer or the holding of real estate in Switzerland (acquisition, sale, restructuring).

Assistance in tax litigation, tax audits and in criminal tax law procedures, assistance in regularization and exchange of information procedures.

Advice related to Swiss VAT and, more generally, to any taxes levied by the Swiss customs in case of importation or exportation of goods or services.

Advice on setting-up real estate projects (including on zoning and construction laws), building regulations, public tender law, second home related aspects (Lex Weber), environmental law.

Advice on property law, easements, condominium ownership (PPE), neighbourhood law, expropriation and workmen legal mortgage.

Assist in the sale and purchase of real estate and real estate companies, acquisition of real estate in Switzerland by persons abroad (Lex Koller), sale and lease back transactions, structure the transaction, legal and tax due diligence, draft and negotiate transaction documents.

Advise on real estate financing, refinancing and investment vehicles.

Draft, review and negotiate commercial and residential lease agreements, assist in real estate related litigation.

Draft, review and negotiate real estate contracts such as contractor (contractor, general contractor), service and mandate, brokerage, property & facility management agreements as well as architect and engineers agreements.